Slit Lamp Exam


Lt Col Reynolds
A slit lamp is a special microscope that enables providers to see the structures in the front of the eye. Dr. Flemings, can you tell us more about slit lamp exams?

Lt Col Flemings
Sure, Dr. Reynolds. A slit lamp uses an intense beam of light to illuminate the eye. With this light, the provider examines the cornea, iris, lens, and anterior chamber of the eye. With additional lenses, the provider can also examine the back part of the eye, including the optic nerve and retina.

In many cases, providers use a yellow-orange dye called fluorescein when examining the cornea. The dye spreads across the eye to help the provider see any damage such as tiny cuts, scrapes, tears, foreign objects, or infections on the cornea. The eye’s naturally produced tears will wash the dye away shortly after the test.