Custom Ablation


Lt Col Reynolds
Ablation is a medical term referring to the surgical removal of tissue. In both PRK and LASIK procedures, ablation is customized to each unique patient. Dr. Flemings, can you tell us more about custom ablation?

Lt Col Flemings
Absolutely, Dr. Reynolds. Custom ablation is tailored specifically to the patient’s eyes and their individual condition.

As part of the pre-operative evaluation, a test called wave front aberrometry is used to analyze the entire visual pathway. By bouncing light off the retina, lens, and cornea, and measuring the aberrations, or imperfections, of the eye, the wave front aberrometer creates a three dimensional map of the cornea.

The PRK or LASIK procedure is then customized to account for these aberrations. Customized treatment may decrease symptoms after refractive surgery such as glare, halos, and night vision problems.