Real Patients: Refractive Surgery


Real Patients
Before surgery they recommend to be out of soft contact lenses fourteen days prior. I actually was out of contact lenses for nine weeks prior just to make sure that my corneas were completely untouched.

So I just wore strictly glasses leading up to the surgery.

Which again felt kind of funny to me cause’ I wasn’t use to wearing them all the time. And it made me realize how much glasses actually hurt. Kind of behind my ears, and on the bridge of my nose. And so, I did wear those for a few weeks leading up to it. And I was using eye drops.

I just kept moisturizing my eyes just to kind of get them ready. I didn’t want any dry spots going into the surgery.

I took those, you know one drop in every eye every two hours. Just to get my eyes you know, ready for the surgery. To make sure that they weren’t dry or anything like that.

Day of surgery I was kind of nervous. I think as naturally as you could be, knowing that I was going to be awake during the surgery. That it was my eyes kind of really freaked me out a little bit.

I was fairly nervous until we all came together into the one room. We started to take the medication, one being Valium. Which made us relax fairly quick.

They had some numbing eye drops. So I didn’t feel any pain at all. And they also gave me Valium, which helped me relax a little bit and calm my nerves a little down.

We went into this room and we started getting eye drops just thirty minutes, ten minutes before the actual surgery happened.

They lined us up. They made sure we were clean. Everything, everything was sanitary. They cleaned our eyes. We took our glasses off for the last time. Which was amazing.

From there we went to the room. And it really it was just super quick. It took about, I remember being in there for maybe fifteen minutes. Sat down on the table. He started just explaining what was going on.

During the surgery they did one eye at a time. And during that surgery you only see a small red dot. And you just focus in on that red dot as the laser is doing its process.

They told me to look at a light. And they kind of scrubbed my eye. And then I saw a flash of some red lights.

And it really last, depending on your prescription between, I think it was for me like seven seconds per eye.

They told me to look at the light. Put the laser on my eye for about twenty seconds. Splashed some water, put a contact lens and that was it. They told me to put on my sunglasses and head out to the lobby and I was good to go.

During the procedure it was not painful at all. I actually was very comfortable, laid back, I know that they had covered one eye and then completed the other. So overall I think I was in the entire process for about ten minutes.

It’s not that scary at all. It really is not scary.

It was fast and it was simple. And it was amazing that I came out and I was able to clearly see my boyfriends face. He was the first person I saw. Which to me was really exciting. And then he was able to take me home and kind of start that recovery process. But overall the entire experience, I mean I think I was in my office for about a half an hour and I was out the door and back home. So it was very quick.