Real Patients: Recovery


Real Patients
During the recovery portion of the surgery I honestly didn’t feel any pain. And I believe that’s truly because I followed exactly what the doctor told me.

After the procedure I was extremely hungry. I could not wait to eat. I had a large meal actually. And I just went straight to sleep. I didn’t have much pain at all.

As soon as I got home I took some pain medication and I actually went to bed.

They recommend you to take a pill every two hours along with a series of steroid drops and antibiotics along with your artificial tears as well.

I fell asleep. And I woke up a few hours later and I really didn’t have any blurriness or any discomfort in my eyes.

Going to sleep was a great option because then by the time I woke up that pain had completely subsided.

I really had to kind of shut down the phone, shut down the laptop, the TV. I had to keep my room dark. I you know, kind of just laid in bed all day.

It kind of felt like there was almost sandpaper in my eyes for the first three days.

Feeling as though you have like sandpaper in your eyes when you blink. Or feeling as though your eyes are extremely dry.

As each day went on it got better and better.

For my recovery, it took about three days for me to start being able to look at my phone or glimpse at the TV. It was still uncomfortable for me.

In the weeks following the procedure I did experience some halos when I was out driving. I honestly just avoided driving at night all together.

With nighttime driving I may have waited about four weeks or so until I was just comfortable with driving outside until my eyes just kind of adjusted.