Real Patients: Life after Refractive Surgery


Real Patients
After the procedure, my vision became stable maybe about two weeks later.

Once it did finally like snap into place, I was perfectly fine.

I took the glasses off and I could see my cat, I could see the TV. I could see everything. Which to me was so exciting.

To see clearly for the first time in my life is amazing.

It was pretty crazy that I was able to see without having to do glasses or contacts. Because I’ve done it for so long throughout my life. It was amazing. I went and got a haircut and I could see the TV’s at the barbershop. It was pretty awesome.

Oh my gosh. It was so amazing just to be able to see without glasses. Or lay down on the couch without glasses. Or drive without glasses. It really was the best.

Refractive surgery I would say its number one life changing. Being able to wake up and not worry about having your glasses on. Or be able to go somewhere and say oh did I pack my glasses? You know. Just having that ability to say, you know, I can wake up and I can just be free from these ball and chains that I call glasses.

I wake up, I can see. I don’t have to wake up and kind of search for my glasses, or feel for my glasses on my nightstand.

I feel free honestly to not have to worry about contacts or glasses. I’ve never realized how much of a restriction those things were.

I truly believe it’s a readiness program because before I deploy again out of my unit I’m not, this is one thing, one thing less I’m going to have to worry about.

I just am so much more comfortable now. I’m ready for the mission better than I ever was. I’m ready in my personal life without having to maintain contacts and glasses and I’m just so happy with my decision.