Real Patients: Surgical Options


Real Patients
I heard about refractive surgery when I was in tech school. And they gave me a list of the bases and my teacher was very helpful in that.

Being at one of the bases where they offer it in house, it was kind of convenient. And I knew I always wanted to get something like that.

A lot of my coworkers actually got it done. And they highly recommended it.

People told me it was so easy and simple. And the recovery is really what intrigued me to look into the process.

The procedures I decided to look into were PRK and LASIK. Those were the two offered here. And once I finally made the initial appointment I decided to look into both options to see what would be better.

And I actually decided to go with LASIK. Mainly because I knew that the downtime was a little bit faster. I could pretty much wake up the next day and have you know, twenty-twenty vision. Which to me, seemed like a dream.

I decided that I wanted to have a lesser of a recovery time. And from what I heard from other people around the clinic that did have it, they said that it wasn’t really an issue as far as the flap coming undone. Unless you’re getting a, like a major hit to the eye or something.

So I actually went in thinking I was going to get LASIK. Which, I know is a little more intrusive but due to recovery time I was more attracted to that. But once I switched over to PRK, in the long run I think it was a better option for me.

The procedures I was given as an option to consider was strictly PRK.

I believe the reason why I was not eligible for LASIK was because the shape of my cornea.

I saw that for deployment needs or sports needs that PRK was a better option.

And that actually was the surgery that I was most interested in. Just because of my own personal research and the resources and all the information that the staff had given me.

It’s definitely something that you should do your research. And talk to people who’ve had refractive surgery before to see what they experienced, what they like, what they don’t like. But then really go into it with an open mind.